Zombie Mode

Become a Zombie and infect all the enemies or be the last survivor!

Once the game starts, one of the players will transform into a host zombie. You will have to undergo a massacre.

Game process

  • Once the game starts, one of the players in the room becomes a host zombie. Nobody knows who will become a host zombie.
  • Host zombie can make other characters become zombies too to make them his allies.
  • If survivors defeat zombie and survive till the end of round, that round is survivors’ win.
  • Great rewards are given depending on the level of contribution (both as a zombie and survivor) at the end of the play.

Mode set up

  • 10 seconds after game starts, one of the players will randomly be selected as a host zombie.
  • Zombie attacks/infects other survivors to make them zombies too.
  • Host zombie has more powerful attack ability than other zombies and can kill survivors with only one hit.
  • Time of one round is 4 minutes.
  • Unable to summon creatures and use potions.


Depending on the level of contribution, EXP and Gold rewards will be given differently.