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Mages think that the world is a struggling place for mages since the cells are introduced.

People use cell frequently rather than Magic because of Its easiness. They specialized in the magic against the cell. They are backing-up combat style mages. They are more skilled at defending themselves rather than giving damage to your enemy. They can weaken your enemy and make your creature stronger at same time.

It's impossible for mage to fight alone. But when they are working with other classes as a team, the situation will be reversed. They have healing magic and powerful long ranged magic attacks that is enough to support your team.

Short range weapon

Magic cane - You can use this as approaching attack, but this is for special magic cane.

Technique Contents Command
Single hit Move forward and brandish cane horizontally thus causing 
physical damage. (After delay1)
Double hit Move forward and brandish cane horizontally twice thus 
causing physical damage. (After delay1.5)
Jump attack Stabs by cane in mid-air 
(After delay1.5)
(After jump)
Projection Move one step forward and create pillar of spire from ground.
It bounces off a frontal enemy to the air. 
It is a little slow but affect deeply. (*Intrudes into enemy’s 
Wall of Guard) (After delay2.5)
Blessing Creates light that can only be absorbed by mates by chanting magical spell. When opponents attack it disseminates. 
Up to 4 blessings can be made per round(Recovery rate 
differs by level) (After delay1)
: Keep holding
Blast Stick cane to ground for 2 seconds and chant a magical spell. This will create a 4m radius circle wall of guard for 3 seconds. Mates are not affected. Enemy goes out of this circle and can
neither attack nor intrude. (After delay3)
(Invincible mode)
Rising up attack Attacks enemies around by projecting cane and turning 
around. (After delay1)
(When knock-downed)   (Knockdown)
Guard Guard by guard position.
Curse Locks enemy up in air with magic light from cane for
3 seconds.
Your team can attack together.(After delay2)
(Approached from front)
Power projection Pillars of ice cut through opponent.
(After delay2)
(Approached form rear)

What is delay?

succeeds giving damage to enemy Enemy Succeeds in guard No effect on emecy
Delay1 Prior attack allowed. Enemy allowed to attack in certain quick attacks Enemy allowed to attack
Delay2 Prior attack allowed. Enemy allowed to attack. Enemy allowed to attack
Enemy allowed to grip
Delay3 Enemy knockdown or spin Enemy allowed to attack
Enemy allowed to grip
Enemy allowed to attack
Enemy allowed to grip
Enemy allowed to store-up-energy attack