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Please don't show me your tender neck. That is going to be my favorite target.

In early times, archers formed as a group and had a role in long range attacks. But after creatures appeared, they accustomed to do more of approaching attacks. They equip middle size sword because of their light weight

Archer is woman class who uses bow as a main weapon. She takes part in long ranged attacks and they are also adequate for close quarter battles.She is really good at long range, anti-sky attack and backing up team. But she is usually weak at approaching attack. It depends of course. Some archers are more powerful than sword men.

Short range weapon

Middle sized sword - Recommend stabbing or grip attack.

Technique Contents Command
Single slash Move forward and slash horizontally. (After delay1)  
Double slash Move forward and slash horizontally twice. (After delay2)   
Jump attack Rotates from ground to sky in mid-air and slash.
(After delay2)
(When jumping) 
Forward stab Move forward and stab twice consecutively. (After delay2)  (Knockdown)
Storing-up-energy strike 3 consecutive strikes after warm-up. (After delay2) : Keep holding
Invincible attack Rotates while jumping in upright position and slashes all 
around. (After delay3)
(Invincible mode)
Rising up attack Slash while rotating, rising up. (After delay1) (when knockdowned)
Guard Guard by guard position.
Front grip Steps up enemy and rotates in mid-air. Stabs. (After delay2) (Approached from front)
Rear grip Holds enemy's shoulder with left hand and stabs enemy’s 
back ruthlessly. (After delay2)
(Approached from rear)

What is delay?

succeeds giving damage to enemy Enemy Succeeds in guard No effect on emecy
Delay1 Prior attack allowed. Enemy allowed to attack in certain quick attacks Enemy allowed to attack
Delay2 Prior attack allowed. Enemy allowed to attack. Enemy allowed to attack
Enemy allowed to grip
Delay3 Enemy knockdown or spin Enemy allowed to attack
Enemy allowed to grip
Enemy allowed to attack
Enemy allowed to grip
Enemy allowed to store-up-energy attack