Clan Guide

Clan is an organization of users who come together with similar ideals, beliefs, or interests.

After creation, clan members can enjoy features such as clan war and clan forum within the clan page of Rakion website.

Clans are the core of the Rakion community. Making friends with people in game is a very fun and exciting part of the Rakion game play experience.

Clans are one of the official community system that Rakion provides. If you have a Clan, there will be a site just for the Clan on the official Rakion Homepage. In this site, members can talk about the game and can see the statistics of their clan and other clans.

Two Clans can have a Clan war as well.

Clan Grade

  • Master: 1 person per a clan.
  • Sub-master: Up to 5 persons per a clan.
  • Clan members: Up to 99 persons including admins per a clan are allowed.

1. How to create clan

1. Purchase 'Clan Creation' () item using the Gold (10,000 Gold will be deducted) from the shop.

2. Input the clan name you want by double clicking purchased 'Clan Creation' item and click 'Next' button.
· Only up to 12 characters are allowed. (You can use (), [], _, <>, Numbers, Capital/Small letters)

3. Select Clan mark you want and click 'Create' button.

2. How to change the name and mark of the

1. Purchase 'Clan Name Change' () or 'Clan Mark Change' () item using the cash from the shop and use by double clicking it. (Only master grade is authorized for the changes.)

3. How to join a clan

1. Click 'Clan Page' button () in the lobby.

2. Click "Join Clan" button.

3. Search / select a clan you want to join and click 'Apply for admission' button.

4. Use the clan system upon receiving the approval from the admins (Master or Sub-master) of the clan. (Admins can also reject requests.)
· Users are only allowed to join 1 clan per account and we do not support moltiple clans for different characters.

4. How to manage clan. (Admins authority only)

If you click 'Info' button of the clan page, you can see the list of clan members (online users marked as Green and offline users as Red). Admins can expel clan members and only master can change the grade of the clan members.

If you click 'Manage' button of the clan page, you will see the list of pending requests from the users, and admins can approve or reject requests.

Only master can change the clan notice and the clan introduction.

5. Dropping the clan

Once dropping one clan, you can newly join another clan.

Clan War Guide

1. Clan War Guide

Anyone who has a clan can enjoy the clan war.
Even clan members can start a clan war.

2. Enjoying the Clan War

Clan War is team death match based. (Other modes to be added later)
To start a clan war, choose clan war game mode.
Also in lobby, players can freely join by clicking clan war room list or inviting clan members.
3 vs 3 (minimum) and 8 vs 8 (maximum) are possible in clan war.
Trespassing is not allowed while clan war is on-going, players who dropped/DC during the game can enter however they will be observers.

3. Reward of the Clan War

Clan war has 5 rounds in total, race to 3. (Clans who got 3 round wins, wins the war!)
(When draw, victory will be determined by the total no. of kills. If total no. of kills also the same, it will end up in draw.)
Rewards from winning in Clan war.
▶ C-Exp : Clan EXP. It determines Clan Ranking.
▶ C-Point : Clan Point each player possesses. Players can purchase items from the clan shop.
(Clan point will be reset whenever you withdraw clan or you are expelled from a clan.)

4. Clan Ranking

Clan Ranking is updated at a certain time every day based on the C-EXP.
You can check your clan ranking on ‘clan info’ and can check out all clans ranking at home page.

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