Boss War

Protect our boss and get another team's boss !!!

If both of the bosses are alive, the team who's boss has the most energy left wins

Game process

    1. Defense

  • Protect your team's boss from the other team.

    2. Attack

  • Attack the other team's boss through their defenses.
  • When you are attacking the boss, be careful of opposing team members protecting their boss.

Mode set up

  • Characters will be divided into a Blue team and a Red team.
  • The highest level member from each team will be appointed as boss.
  • Team members have to protect their boss and have to attack the other teams boss at the same time.
  • Win the game if the other team's boss dies or if your team's boss has more energy left when the time limit is up.
  • Boss players will have a special boss mark above their characters.


Title Cell Point In-game player
2~4 5~8 9~12 13~16
Round Win 300 02 Exp
10 Gold
04 Exp
30 Gold
07 Exp
50 Gold
10 Exp
60 Gold
Round Lose 900 01 Exp
03 Gold
02 Exp
10 Gold
03 Exp
22 Gold
05 Exp
25 Gold
Round Draw - 00 Exp
05 Gold
01 Exp
12 Gold
04 Exp
25 Gold
06 Exp
27 Gold