Death Match (Team)

Get more kill points than opposing team !!!

Game process

  • Get more kill points by cooperating and protecting your team members from the other team.
  • Teamwork is important because the other team will gain points if one of your team mates dies.
  • Items which recover CP and HP are located at several places in the map.
  • Team work and strategy are the key points to winning the game.

Mode set up

  • The team who gets more kill points in the battle will win the game.
  • Gain 1 kill point if you kill one opposing team member.
  • The team who has reached the kill point goal first wins the game.
  • If both teams don't reached the kill point goal the team that has more kill points during the time wins the game.
  • Opponent team's kill points will go up if you die.
  • Dead characters will respawn at the starting point after few seconds.


Experience Points up to 50% due to more kills than Golem Wars

Title Cell Point In-game player
2~4 5~8 9~12 13~16
Round Win 100 04 Exp
10 Gold
07 Exp
30 Gold
12 Exp
50 Gold
18 Exp
60 Gold
Round Lose 900 02 Exp
03 Gold
03 Exp
10 Gold
04 Exp
22 Gold
08 Exp
25 Gold
Round Draw - 00 Exp
05 Gold
01 Exp
12 Gold
03 Exp
25 Gold
05 Exp
27 Gold