Master Apprentice System Guide

A system that is enjoyable from novices to masters!! Having a hard time leveling up?
You can have a high level character by getting master's help now.
Make full use of Master Apprentice system now!~

Basic condition of the Master Apprentice Relationship

Detailed relation info can be confirmed at the Etc tab of lobby.

  • Conditions for being a Master : Characters above Lv 60 and have less than 3 apprentices currently.
    (Master can accept up to 3 apprentices)
  • Conditions of being a Apprentice : 5Lv~50Lv characters and have no masters currently.
    (Advanced characters excluded)

[!] It's impossible to be a master and apprentice at the same time.

Request for Master Apprentice relationship

Relationship can be requested by doing right mouse click ['Request Master Apprentice' button] of the character at the user list in lobby, waiting room, or game room.
Once apprentice meeting above conditions request for relationship to a master, master can accept or reject apprentice's request.
Once relationship formed, result will be informed via separate window.
Once master apprentice relationship made, each other will be registered as a friend in the buddy list automatically.

Termination of the relationship

  • Graduate : When apprentice's level becomes level 50, reward will be given and relationship will be terminated.
  • Betray : When apprentice terminate relationship first, relationship will be over. Here, apprentice can't request for relationship to anyone for 3 days.
  • Expel : When master terminates relationship first, relationship is over.
    Here, master can't request for relationship to anyone for 3 days.


- Level Reward

- Reward of the Battles and Stages
  • Basic Reward : When master and apprentice stay in the same world/server, +20% Gold and +20% EXP reward could be earned.
  • Reward for playing together : When master and apprentice play in the same room, +50% Gold and EXP will be given.
    But, it will not be duplicated with basic reward.

[!] If apprentice is the room master, 1 player stage can be played with master together.


Characters in the master apprentice relationship can't be deleted.
To delete character, you must graduate or terminate relationship first.