Achievement and Title System Guide

What’s Achievement and Title System?

Achievement is a system in the game that help gauge what a player has accomplished in the game.
Titles are granted for completing various tasks or missions.
Certain titles (when used) can increase characters' stat as well.

Go to the Achievement system

View of the Summary tab

You will first see the Summary tab. Here, you can see the progress of achievement and recently achieved ones.
At progress, you can see the progress(%) for all the achievement and also by each category.
There are total 6 categories and detailed info of each category will be viewed in each tab.

Detailed view

Click to see the list of achievement for each category. (Normal, Battle, Challenge, Develop, Etc., and Secret).
And also, once achievement is completed, titles for those achievements can be selected/used.
You can use or change titles as needed here.

How to use titles

Upon completion, you can use titles for them. Titles are shown right above the character name in game.
Strive to attain achievements for the titles you want.
Selected/used titles will be applied for all characters.

Ejemplo de cómo usar los títulos

Example of using the title

What's Achievement point?

Reward point that can be gotten upon attaining achievements.
This will be used in the future in game. (e.g. upcoming event, etc.)

Achievement Video

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