• Approaching weaponry

    Sword, Broad sword, hammer, Axe, Cudgel, Spear, Fist, Scythe, Chakram

    Approaching weaponries are used to slash or stab the enemy in close range. This is most commonly used weapon of all. Gamer need to check what weaponry suits the character best. 

    Price : Medium to High
    Effect : Normal attack Advanced attack Special attack Grip attack Movement speed
  • Range weaponry

    Bow, Dart-knife, dagger, Hand axe, staff , Crossbow

    Range weaponry are used to throw, shoot, or fire magic at opponent. These are main weaponry for ranger or mage. Air creatures can only be dealt with range weaponry.

    Price : Medium to High
    Effect : Advanced attack Movement speed


  • Basic Armor

    The more armor point you have the slower you will move. There are two types of armor. Heavy armor, with the highest defense and Light armor with, lower defense. Most of items are very expensive therefore you should consider before purchasing.

    Price : High to Highest
    Effect : Armor Energy Movement Speed
  • Helmet

    Better helmet gives more control over cell point. If you are not going to be tanker it is wise to select creature before you wear helmet.

    Price : Medium
    Effect : Armor Max Cell Point Cell Recharge Creature Attack
  • houlder armors

    Shoulder armor increases your armor point. On the other hand it can lower your movement speed further. But it is safe to check speed point before you wearing them.

    Price : Medium to High
    Effect : Armor Movement Speed
  • Gauntlet

    Gauntlet is the armor that protects hands and wrists. It increases attack point more than armor point. Especially grip attack damage can be increased. If you enjoy close range grip attack you should wear good gauntlet.

    Price : Medium
    Effect : Armor Normal Attack Special attack Grip Attack


  • Cell

    Cell doesn't have special attribute to characters. But it is used to summon creatures. Creatures have their own level and ability. It will be more difficult to summon creatures as it grows but it will be more powerful.

    Price : Medium to High
    Effect : None
  • Ring

    Ring can be equipped with slot s allowed for it. It is widely used to cover character's weakness rather than strengthening advantage. Most rings usually have one or two attribute.

    Price : Low to Highest
    Effect : Creature Attack Movement Speed Armor
  • Necklace

    Necklace usually has 3~4 attributes, but some high price necklace has more than 5 attributes. It helps to improve your speed. It can have the almost all part of attributes but it usually has 3 or 4 attributes.

    Price : Medium to High
    Effect : Energy Movement Speed Max Cell Point Cell Regeneration Armor