A view of the world

The nations bind together to face their main enemy Cane.
So any disruption between the nations rarely happens. All the Kingdom armies are trained to fight against the monsters, incase of a major invasion, the nations has sworn to provide all the necessary help to each other.

However, since all the soldiers are busy protecting the Kingdom and most of the times they are sent to war.
Maintaining public peace and order is somewhat difficult to restrain. Therefore, many valuable lives are lost from monsters within the Kingdom. There are many heroes in the world who sworn to fight against Cane to stabilize the world.

There are not necessary the people who work for the Kingdom nor soldiers who are hired to fight.
These are just ordinary people who are combat to protect their family. Although, Kingdoms take pre-cautionary measures because these voluntary soldiers grew in number, but do not oppose to them informally. Countries like 'The combined Crop' encourage these heroes to kill monster and pay them a reward afterward.

These soldiers's main goal is to assassinate Cane.
Cell is special products in the continent. So many merchants come in and out to trade it the continent. Not like magic, it is easy to use. Other continents worry about the power of the cell what might kill Cane and one day someone monopolize it.  Although, cells originated from the continent where people live, but other merchant from far continent make their way here to trade for the cells. Unlike magic the cells can be used by everyone who wishes to use.  There are also many people who pursue one's object in cell itself. They collect and upgrade them. Their final goal is to make ultimate legendary cell. Some people just want to earn money and the others enjoy the feeling of artisan spirit through all process.  Heroes, Mercenaries and people who have exceptional purposes in their heart are now in the continents.